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Synergizing technical acumen with human psychology to deliver impactful results through coaching, speaking and training.

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Evely Raudmets - Transforming Leadership and Insipiring Change - background image
Evely Raudmets - Transforming Leadership and Insipiring Change - background image
  • Exponential growth

    Working with Evely was the pivot point in my career and personal life. Her approach is nothing short of revolutionary. She pushed me to not only envision but actively create the legacy I dream of. Under her guidance, I've learned the art of balancing risk-taking with gratitude, leading to exponential growth in both my personal and professional realms. Evely’s unique blend of coaching has made success in love, work, and play a reality for me, transforming the good into the truly great. For those who feel like something’s missing despite their achievements, Evely is the game-changer you’re looking for.

  • My life has transformed

    Evely's coaching is akin to adding rocket boosters to your professional aspirations. Her keen BS detector cut through my stories, revealing truths I was hesitant to face. Yet, it was in this vulnerability that I found my strength. Evely doesn't just hold you accountable—she challenges you, laughs with you, and through it all, ensures you realize your extraordinary potential. Since working with her, my life has transformed. My team is more cohesive, my vision clearer, and my impact deeper. Evely is more than a coach; she's a catalyst for those ready to embrace their true power

  • Meet Evely

    Evely is an accomplished Transformational Coach, Speaker, and Trainer committed to unleashing human potential. With a multi-disciplinary background encompassing Mechanical Engineering, Product Development, Problem Solving and Neurosciences, she has successfully synergized technical acumen with human psychology to deliver impactful coaching and presenting.

    Certified in Strategic Intervention Coaching by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, Evely is also trained by Joseph McClendon III in Neuroencoding Coaching and Presentation methods. She is a licensed Brain Trainer and Coach certified by Dr. Daniel Amen, adding a unique neurological dimension to her coaching techniques.

    Professionally, Evely has a robust track record in multiple sectors. She serves as a Brain Health Trainer & Neuroencoding Coach at Brainway OÜ, and has previously managed international sales and marketing in the Oil & Gas industry. Her digital agency focuses on delivering top-notch design and web development services.

    Evely’s mission is to accelerate personal and professional growth by leveraging scientific methodologies, cognitive training, and compassionate coaching. With international reach and a multifaceted skill set, she is the go-to expert for individuals and organizations aiming for transformational change.

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    Speaking and Training Topics

    • Energy Mastery for Tech Leaders

      • Agile Energy Management for Innovation: Tailoring energy management strategies for the fast-paced tech environment, focusing on agile methodologies that enable tech leaders to sustain high performance and innovation without burnout. 
      • The Drive Behind Tech Giants: Analyzing the motivational frameworks that fuel leaders at top tech companies, incorporating neuroscientific insights to foster a culture of continuous motivation and engagement within tech teams.
      • Building Resilient Tech Teams: Strategies for tech leaders to develop resilient teams capable of thriving in the face of rapid change and uncertainty, leveraging insights from strategic intervention coaching and adaptive problem-solving.
    • Peak Creation in the Tech Sphere

      • From Engineer to Innovator: Utilizing Evely’s engineering background to guide tech professionals in transforming technical skills into innovative solutions, emphasizing the balance between creativity and systematic problem-solving. 
      • Achieving Peak Performance in Tech: A deep dive into cognitive strategies and emotional intelligence to enhance peak performance, tailored for the unique pressures and dynamics of the tech industry.
      • The Art of Technical Innovation: Merging design thinking with engineering principles to foster an environment of creativity and groundbreaking product development within tech companies.
    • Leadership Activation for the Digital Age

      • Cognitive Leadership in Tech: Exploring cognitive approaches to leadership that resonate with the analytical minds of tech professionals, enhancing decision-making, emotional regulation, and team cohesion.
      • Strategic Leadership Transformation: Empowering tech leaders with strategic intervention techniques to unlock and activate potential, driving transformational change and fostering a culture of innovation and growth.
      • Engineering a Leadership Mindset: Applying problem-solving and engineering principles to leadership challenges in the tech industry, focusing on structured thinking, resilience, and innovation to navigate the complexities of the digital age.

    A recognized voice

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    My coaching services are uniquely tailored for visionaries and high achievers who are committed to expanding their horizons and creating a meaningful legacy. I partner with individuals who are deeply passionate about making a significant impact in the world—those who approach life with zeal, whether it’s in their business ventures, personal relationships, or leisure activities. My clients are accustomed to success; they know the exhilaration of peak achievements as well as the lessons from their setbacks. They are fearless risk-takers, ready to embrace challenges and transform fear into triumph.

    Together, we embark on a transformational journey that lasts between six months to a year, necessary for fostering profound, lasting change. You bring your stories and I bring the best BS detector. I promise to tell you things no one else would dare. You tell the truth (even if it feels scary or weird) and dare to be/say/do what’s radically, authentically you, and I make sure you know – for good now – that who you are is so much more extraordinary than who you pretend to be. I don’t hold you accountable. You already do that. I challenge you and laugh with you. Sometimes you’ll love coaching, and sometimes you’ll hate it. Always, you will know that there is one person who sees you completely, believes in you fully, and knows deep down how truly powerful you are. Work with me, and your life will transform. This partnership is about more than just achieving goals; it’s about revolutionizing your entire approach to life. Whether we meet face-to-face or connect digitally, the process is intensely personalized, focused on maximizing your personal and professional potential.

    Investing in my coaching means dedicating not just financial resources but your time, energy, and commitment to grow. It’s for those who are ready to say YES! to a transformative experience and embrace a future where they operate at their fullest capacities, achieve unparalleled success, and realize a profound sense of fulfillment. My clients don’t just change—they evolve into the extraordinary leaders they are meant to be. If this resonates with you, let’s start a powerful conversation and set the stage for dramatic shifts in every aspect of your life.

    Call to action

    Who I work with:

    • Individuals with grand visions who believe there is more for them to give, be, and create.
    • Those committed to discovering, inventing, creating, or solving challenges that will leave a lasting impact on humanity and the World.
    • People passionate about what matters most in love, work, and play, dedicating themselves fully to these pursuits.
    • Risk-takers who have experienced both brilliant successes and spectacular failures, understanding the rewards that come from stepping out of comfort zones.
    • High achievers who have enjoyed success in their professional and personal lives and are driven to surpass their current accomplishments.
    • Action-takers for whom initiative is second nature, requiring no external motivation to make things happen.
    • Individuals who inspire and push boundaries, continually striving for greater heights.

    Who I don’t work with:

    • Those who are ambivalent or only mildly interested in change.
    • Individuals who aren’t ready to work harder than me at their life.
    • People who tend to complain or blame others for their circumstances.
    • Anyone who isn’t ready to engage fully in each coaching session.
    • Those cynical about expressing or exploring their emotions.
  • Maximizing impact

    Before Evely, I was a high achiever on the surface, yet I felt something crucial was missing. Evely’s coaching philosophy resonated with me immediately. She has lived life at the edges, and her wisdom is palpable. With Evely, I've navigated from feeling over-extended and misunderstood to operating at my fullest capacity with ease. Her coaching transcends traditional methods, focusing on maximizing impact and well-being. Now, my work not only fulfills me but also makes a significant difference in the world. Evely's coaching is indispensable for visionaries seeking to leave a lasting legacy.

  • radically authentic

    Evely Raudmets is not just a coach, she is a transformational force. Her sessions are as challenging as they are rewarding, providing insights that no one else dares to share. With Evely, I've dared to be radically authentic, which has dramatically changed how I lead and live. My leadership has evolved from ego-serving to soul-serving, significantly enhancing my relationships and effectiveness. Thanks.

  • Endorsed by...

    Dr. Daniel Amen

    Psychiatrist and clinical neuroscientist

    Dr. Joseph McClendon III

    Neuropsychologist, PhD

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